Dance Classes on the Gold Coast


The Studio Entertainment - Formally known as Paradise Performers Academy, has been operating dance classes on the Gold Coast for over 25 years.

Jesse and Sarah Rasmussen are a brother/sister team who are excited to bring their experience to the Gold Coast community.

The Studio Entertainment isn’t simply just a dance studio, it’s a community filled with friendliness, dedication, and an abundance of positive energy. Our studio is for anyone who wants to learn, enjoy and practice dance, regardless of ability and age.

We have a range of classes catering for all ages, from pre-school to great grandparents, with dance styles from tap and ballet, to hip hop, jazz and contemporary.

The vision behind The Studio is to provide dance classes for social enjoyment, as well as competitive performance, entertainment and promoting fitness. We are passionate about giving young performers a solid foundation with the tools they need to start building towards their professional dance careers.

The qualities we strive to bring out in our students is confidence, pride and team work. We encourage our dancers by supporting relationship building and interacting with each other in a positive and non-judgemental environment.

Our belief is that everyone should dance regardless of age, ability or gender and that dancing should, first and foremost, be fun.  

For more information about our range of dance classes on the Gold Coast, contact us today.



"I moved my daughter to The Studio half way through the year from another dance school. I was a little worried that she would struggle to pick up the routines or make connections with the other dancers but she has just thrived. Every week she would show me new things that she had learnt at dancing and I was very impressed with the progress she was making.When it came time for the concert we were blown away with our little girl and all the dancers on stage, it was such a great show. Even though we live 30 mins away, we choose to come to The studio and will continue in 2017 " - Fellan

"Congratulations on the concert last night it was fantastic! Both the performances and more so the organisation of the entire event including rehearsals and costumes from a parents point of view was excellent and highly professional. Poppy had such an amazing time and I was incredibly impressed by the standard of your older students. Your teachers are doing a fantastic job and if you and Jesse have only had the studio for 6months imagine how it will grow! My son now wants to join hip hop after watching the concert! Congratulations and thank you"- Karyn